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Made in collaboration with the Modern Vice shoe factory

I have travelled to shoe factories around the globe, visited luxury shoe designers, and tasted fashion trends from around the world. My experience has chiseled my craft and sharpened my vision to help me create locally produced and sustainable shoes that the modern New York woman can wear with confidence and enthusiasm. With custom NYC hardware, precise shoe proportions, and authentic Italian leather sourced from eco-friendly suppliers, my shoes let you walk in style. Get noticed, receive compliments and enjoy all the attention you deserve with Kora Mancini Footwear.


Mama Knows Best! Is a special capsule collection dedicated to Kora Mancini's mother, Angelica and her grandmother, Zina made in collaboration with Modern Vice factory in the Garment district, NYC. Although dedicated to all mothers and grandmothers, this collection is an homage to the dynamic power that is womanhood. The brainchild of designer Kora Mancini, these versatile and comfortable shoes are perfect for the everyday active woman who seeks comfort and style.

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